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Cranch - Cranch's Supreme Court Reports (United States)

Related Citation: U.S.

1801 to 1815.

Picked up (continued) from Dallas Supreme Court Reports (Dall.) when the latter ended in 1800.

Contrary to the Dallas Law Reports, the Cranch series was dedicated to the opinions of the relatively new United States Supreme Court.

These law reports, which were the first editions of what became the U.S. series (United States Supreme Court reports), were put together by William Branch, then a judge of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia.

The Cranch law report is sometimes abbreviated as:
  • Cr
  • U.S. (Cr.); or
  • U.S. (Cranch)
Cranch was published from 1801 to 1815, in 9 volumes, and was continued by Henry Wheaton's Supreme Court Reports (1816-1827).

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