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Commw. L. Rev. - Commonwealth Law Review

  • Jurisdiction: Australia
  • Dates covered: 1903-1909
  • Publisher/Reporter: The Law Book Company of Australasia Limited

A short-lived Australian law journal; six volumes from 1903 to 1909.

With the last issue of the Commonwealth Law Review, in 1909, came this eloquent "Valediction":

"After a life of six years, the Commonwealth Law Review expires with this number. Its promoters cherished hopes that support would have been extended sufficient to ensure continued publication, and to recoup them for the expenditure which its establishment necessarily entailed. These hopes have not been fulfilled, and now they are reluctantly compelled to discontinue publication - being unable to carry on the Review though willing to continue it if only secured from loss.

"It may be that the promoters, like other enterprising men, were before their time, and that Australian life is not yet ready for such a publication. It is possible that the trade of the law is for most Australian lawyers more attractive than the science
of the law, and that the study of the law for its own sake has not been able to run in double harness with the practice of the law as a method of money getting.

"Be the reasons what they may the bald fact stands that the Commonwealth Law Review has not won the support necessary for its regular appearance, which fact compels this to be issued as a final number.

"The praise and encouragement given to the Review by many whose opinions on such a subject are of worth, are convincing that its contents have been of a high order, and were valued in seats whence condemnation would have come had it been deserved. Satisfied that the efforts made were well directed, and their fruit meritorious, there is some joyance to qualify the sadness naturally felt when good work has not been fully appreciated."

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