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Ch. D. - Law Reports - Chancery Division (England)

Related Citation: Ch., Chan. Cas., Chan. Rep., Ch. Ca.

Since 1865, part of the Law Reports collection (L.R. - England & Wales).

Often cited as L.R.Ch., Ch. (L.R.) and Ch.

However, the preferred legal citation is Ch. D. as the Ch. legal citation is preferred for the Law Journal - Chancery reports

Went through a name variation as follows:

  • Volume 1-10, 1865-1875, Chancery Appeal Cases; and
  • Volume 8, 1875-, Chancery Division.

The original title and statement of scope:

The Law Reports. Division I - Chancery.

Cases Determined by the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice and by the Chief Judge in Bankruptcy and by the Court of Appeal on Apeal from the Chancery Division and the Chief Judge and in Lunacy

As of 2009, Ch. D. also included a section on family law cases ("Family Division").

Issued as a periodical (which the publisher, ICLR calls "thins") and then in bound, annual sets with multiple volumes per year if required, thus deferring to the use of square brackets in the citation (see example below).

Publisher: ICLR.

To be distinguished from Ch. Cas. (1660-1698; aka Ch. Ca.) which is a distinct Chancery law report now forming part of the English Reports.

Here is a sample citation:

Anton Piller KG v Manufacturing Process Ltd. [1976] Ch.D. 55


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