Duhaime's Legal Citations

Ch. - Law Journal - Chancery Reports (England)

Related Citation: Ch. D.

flag of the UKOften used to refer to law reports from a concurrent Chancery series, the Law Reports - Chancery Division reports, more properly cited as Ch. D.

The Law Journal Reports are separate and distinct from the Law Reports sets of law reports.

The Law Journal set includes law report series and titles such as Adm., Bk., C.C.R., C.P., Ecc., H.L., K.B., M.C., P., P.C., P.D. & A., P.& M. and Q.B., many of which were duplicated by the Law Reports publishers (eg. L.R. C.P.D./Common Pleas Division; L.R.P.D./Probate Division etc.)


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