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Can. Bus. L.J. - Canadian Business Law Journal

Published by Canada Law Book which, in 2010, was absorbed by Carswell Canada.

The statement of scope as extracted from the first volume (1975):

"Canada lacked a periodical which offered brief but informative commentary on developments in the corporate, commercial and consumer areas of the law. Such a publication was needed especially, for example, when it seemed that weekly a major piece of legislation was appearing in one of the provincial legislatures or the Canadian parliament. To appraise this unusually high rate of legislative production as well as related developments throughout the country, we felt a national publication was appropriate. Accordingly, we set out to secure a network of highly respected regional and specialist editors who would be prepared to participate in the new venture. We were pleased that Canada Law Book agreed to print and distribute the Journal.

"The main objective of the Journal is to be a vehicle for commentary on matters affecting the business law related areas. Our purpose is not to become spokesmen for any school of thought or proponents of any particular legal or economic philosophy, but to provide an outlet for all points of view."

Cicra 2012, the publisher suggested this over-the-top description:

"... internationally renowned journal strikes the right balance between commentary on current legislative and case law developments and in-depth analysis of major issues in the corporate, commercial and international arenas. It is frequently referred to in court judgments at all levels and has established an undisputed reputation as Canada's leading journal of commercial and business law."


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