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C.L.R.B.R. - Canadian Labour Relations Board Reports (Canada)

flag of CanadaStarted in 1974 (Volume 1) and issued in various number of volumes thereafter until [1982] 3 C.L.R.B.R.

Publisher: Butterworth and Co. (Canada).

Original statement of scope:

"... decisions of labour relations boards across Canada."

More recently:

"This national law report series provides you with current key reported decisions of the various provincial Labour Relations Boards as well as those of the Canadian Industrial Relations Board."

New Series commenced in 1983 with [1983] 1 C.L.R.B.R. (N.S.) and ended in 1989 with a volume 19. This was followed by a 2nd Series, [1989] 1 C.L.R.B.R. (2d) which, in turn, ended in 1998 at Volume 39.

As of 2009, C.L.R.B.R. is still being published by Butterworths Canada.

A sample citation:

The Corporation of the District of Burnaby and the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 23 [1974] 1 C.L.R.B.R. 1 (BCLRB)


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