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C.J.S. - Corpus Juris Secundum (USA)

Related Citation: Am. Jur.

Digest of American law as now published in a multi-volume set by West Publishing, arranged alphabetically by topics.

Essentially, an encyclopedia or digest of American law.

First edition was in 1914, known simply as Corpus Juris (C.J.).

When the 2nd edition came out in 1936, it was titled Corpus Juris Secundum. The series was re-published with updated content in 2005.

The full title (taken from the 2005 edition):

"A contemporary statement of American law as derived from reported cases and legislation."

For example, in re mixed blood, the citation would be:

42 C.J.S. Indians §3

The publication competes with another American law encyclopedia, the American Jurisprudence 2d (Am. Jur. 2d)

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