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C.E.D. - Canadian Encyclopedic Digest

First published as a multi-volume set purporting to cover the main areas of Canadian law in narrative style, similar to Halsbury's Laws of England.

The C.E.D. eventually branched out into an Ontario and Western editions.

If an extract is used from an Ontario or Western-specific digest, use this form:

Ontario CED (or) Western CED

A full citation of the electronic edition would be as follows:

CED Trusts IV.1, §138

As of 1973, the publisher Carswell Canada published CED as a 40+ volume set. There appear to be plans for a 4th hard copy edition in about 2015 by the present owner of Carswell, Westlaw (Westlaw Canada).

The publisher describes the product as follows:

"The Canadian Encyclopedic Digest (CED) provides a clear overview of any legal topic. The CED organizes information by 200+ subjects listed alphabetically."

By 2010, the electronic series is available on a subscription basis through Westlaw Canada (formerly eCarswell), and includes titles such as with some, but not all, divided into Ontario and Western sections:

  • Aboriginal Law
  • Absentees
  • Actions (Ontario)
  • Actions (Western)
  • Administrative Law
  • etc. etc.

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