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Legal citations and abbreviations beginning with C

Crim. L. Mag.
Criminal Law Magazine (USA)
Crim. L. Mag. & Rep.
Criminal Law Magazine & Reporter (USA)
Crim. L.Q.
Criminal Law Quarterly (Canada)
Crim. L.R.
Criminal Law Review (UK)
Crim. L. Rev.
Criminal Law Review (USA)
Cr. & J.
Crompton & Jervis' Exchequer Reports
Cr. L. J.
Criminal Law Journal of India (India)
Cr. & M.
Crompton & Meeson's Exchequer Reports
Cr. M. & R.
Crompton, Meeson & Roscoe's Exchequer Reports (England)
C. Rob.
Christopher Robinson's Admiralty Reports (England and Wales)
Cro. Car.
Croke's King's Bench Reports tempore Charles I (England)
Cro. Eliz.
Croke's King's Bench Reports tempore Elizabeth I
Cro. Jac.
Croke's King's Bench Reports tempore James (England)
Cr. & Ph.
Craig & Phillips' Chancery Reports (England)
Canadian Rights Reporter
C. S.
Les rapports judiciaires officiel de Quebec, Cour Supérieure
Outer House, Court of Sessions (Scotland)
Commonwealth Taxation Board of Review Decisions (Australia)
Canada Tax Cases (Canada)
Connecticut Law Review
Cunningham's King's Bench Reports (England)
Curteis' Ecclesiastical Reports (England)
Cushing (United States)
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