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Br. & B. - Broderip & Bingham's Common Pleas Reports

Forming part of the English Reports, Volume 129 (1819-1822).

Originally published in three volumes.

This Court of Common Pleas law report was preceded by Taunton (1807-1819) and followed by Bingham (1822-1834)

Of William John Broderip (1789-1859), according to Holdsworth:

"He was born in 1789 and called to the bar by Lincoln's Inn in 1817.

"From 1822 to 1837, he was magistrate at the Thames Police Court.

"He was treasurer of Gray's Inn in 1851 and was eminent as a naturalist as well as a lawyer."


  • Holdsworth, William, A History of English Law, Vol. 13 (London: Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1952), page 429


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