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Bing. - Bingham's Common Pleas Reports (England)

Forming part of the English Reports, Volumes 130 to 131.

Court of Common Pleas coverage from 1822 to 1834.

Of Peregrine Bingham Jr. (1788-1864) Holdsworth noted:

"Bingham was called to the bar by the Middle Temple in 1818, and was for a number of years police magistrate at Great Marlborough Street. He was of the school of the philosophical radicals, and had charge of the literary and artistic department of the Westminster Review, to the first number of which he contributed five articles. Besides his reports, he edited Jeremy Bentham's Book of Fallacies, and wrote books on a number of other legal topics."

Continued by Bing. N.C. (Bing. New Cases)



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