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BYU L. Rev. - Brigham Young University Law Review

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In an outstanding contribution to access to justice, the publisher Brigham Young University has made all past issues available on the website (http://www.lawreview.byu.edu/archive.php).

According to the publisher:

"The Brigham Young University Law Review is made up of second- and third-year students at the J. Reuben Clark Law School. The Law Review’s goal is to produce a legal periodical for use by scholars, practitioners and judges. Members of the Law Review contribute to this goal by editing and writing articles and by performing other tasks associated with the publication of the Law Review that are assigned periodically throughout the year....

"The Law Review publishes six issues each year. Each issue typically contains four to five articles and a combination of two to four notes and comments. The Law Review publishes the proceedings of the annual International Law & Religion Symposium, sponsored by the BYU International Center for Law & Religious Studies, in the third issue of each volume. Once a year, the Law Review hosts other symposia concentrating on timely and significant topics and publishes the articles that result."

The first issue, #1 in 1975, was remarkably, if not refreshingly candid about law reviews in general:

"Many voices have questioned the value of law reviews for the profession and for participants in the process. Yet law schools are virtually forced to provide law review opportunities for students if they are to be ranked among the reputable law schools of the nation. In reflective moments, however, I am persuaded that the law review institution is intrinsically worthwhile. My own law school dean once told me that the law review experience can excel the educational value of three years in the law school classroom. I believe him; and the other eighteen editors who have worked with me must subscribe to that view, at least to a degree. Why else would anyone agree to go through a law review experience a second time?"

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