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BCPC - Provincial Court of British Columbia

Related Citation: BCSC, BCCA

In 1999, British Columbia's Provincial Court opted for a database and Internet-friendly neutral citation system: BCPC, for the Provincial Court of British Columbia.

It may be, but it is not intended that it would be spelled in the traditional legal citation format, with periods, as in "B.C.P.C."

Now, all cases chosen for release to the public are assigned a permanent BCPC number with the four-digit year followed by the BCPC and then a sequentially assigned number.

The first decision of the Provincial Court of British Columbia to be assigned a permanent BCPC legal citation, (although earlier decisions were subsequently given, for example, 1998 BCPC citations):

P. v. P. 1999 BCPC 1

The hierarchy of the Courts within British Columbia: BCPC > BCSC > BCCA.

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