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Ark. - Arkansas Reports (United States)

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Printed since 1837.

Cases determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Arkansas, USA.

The Arkansas Reports were the subject of an official court decision of April 17, 2003, In Re Publication of the Arkansas Reports which included this:

"Since the January term of 1837, the official texts of the opinions of the Supreme Court of Arkansas have been published in the Arkansas Reports, which now number 352 volumes. The published decisions of the Arkansas Court of Appeals have been published since the fall term of 1979, first in volumes 266-271 of the Arkansas Reports, and subsequently in the Arkansas Appellate Reports, which extend at present to 81 volumes."

Some, but not all of the decisions published in Ark. are also published in S.W.

In 2009, Arkansas adopted a neutral citation system, as set out in the court rules:

"5-2(3) Every report of every decision shall contain an official citation created by the Reporter. This citation shall include the year in which the decision was issued, the abbreviated name of the issuing court, and the sequential appellate decision number for the year. For example, the citation White v. Green, 2010 Ark. 171, reflects that the decision was issued in 2010, by the Arkansas Supreme Court, and was the one hundred seventy-first opinion issued by that court that calendar year. The citation Roe v. State, 2010 Ark. App. 745, reflects that this decision was made by the Court of Appeals and was the seven hundred forty-fifth appellate opinion issued by that court in calendar year 2010."


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