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All E. R. Rep. - All England Law Reports Reprint

Related Citation: All E.R.

Coverage of select English cases rendered from 1558 to 1935.

Publisher: Butterworth (London).

35 volumes. Each volume purports to cover a number of years as set out in the title but as of 1920, All E.R. Rep. issued annually.

Sample citation:

Allen v Maddock (1843-1860) All E.R. Rep. 286 (1958)

Note that the English legal citation style is to use brackets even when no other numerical sequence precedes the acronym of the law report, and to specify square brackets when the year indicated in the title of the law report reflects the year of the case. A contemporary citation of the same case, to an international standard of simplicity and Internet-friendliness, would be:

Allen v Maddock 1843-1860 All ER Rep 286 (1958)


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