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Alb. L. J. - Albany Law Journal

  • Jurisdiction: United States
  • Dates covered: 1870-1909
  • Publisher/Reporter: The Albany Law Journal Company

The first full title was:

The Albany Law Journal - A Weekly Record of the Law and the Lawyers.

initial publisher was Weed, Parsons & Co. of Albany, New York. managing editor was Isaac Grant Thompson.

The first statement of purpose was typical of the era;


"THE undersigned will commence, on the eighth day of January, 1870, the publication of a Law Journal, to be Issued weekly, with the above title.

"It Is not the intention to make the Journal a Law Report merely, but a medium of conveying to the profession of the country the latest intelligence of interest on all subjects pertaining to the law. Each number will contain valuable and original articles on subjects of general legal interest - discussions on Law Reform; reviews of important decisions; a Digest of the latest decisions of the courts of this and other States, and of the United States courts; also of the English decisions of interest In this country; a collection of the general legal news of the week, and carefully prepared reviews of new works on legal subjects.

"Arrangements have been made with many of the ablest judges and lawyers of the country for contributions on current legal topics. By (those) arrangements that we are perfecting with the judges and reporters of this and the other States, we shall be able to give a syllabus of the decisions of the courts directly after they are rendered, and months before they will appear in the the reports, thus enabling the practitioner to know the gist of the very latest decisions, and to procure copies of them when desired, before the regular issue of the Reports.

"Every decision of the Court of Appeals of this State will be noted. Particular attention will be given to the collection of the general legal intelligence of this country and Great Britain, and to the presentation and discussion of all measures before the State Legislatures or Congress pertaining to the jurisprudence of the State or country. Brief contributions on legal topics, notes of decisions, and items of general legal news, are respectfully solicited.

"All communications should be addressed "Editors of the Albany Law Journal," care of the Publishers. The Albany Law Journal will be published weekly, will comprise twenty-four royal octavo double column pages, and will contain annually a third more reading matter than any other legal periodical published in this country. Subscription price, payable in advance, $5 per annum.

"WEED, PARSONS & CO., Publishers, Albany, N. Y."

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