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A.L.R. (Australia) - Australian Law Reports; Adelaide Law Review

  • Jurisdiction: Australia
  • Dates covered: 1896-

Related Citation: C.L.R. (Australia)

ALR is a legal citation used by two different publications in Australia as set out below; the Australian Law Reports and the Adelaide Law Review. this is a regrettable situation because cannot always be sure upon coming across this legal citation to which of the two publications reference is made  Which is the point of legal citations in the first place.

Australian Law Reports

Argus Law Reports of Australia commenced publication in 1896.

Gradually became the Argus Australian Law Reports; then the Australian Argus Law Reports and now, simply, since 1973, the Australian Law Reports (ALR).

This statement of scope is taken from the 1960 Australian Law Reports:

"Australian Argus Law Reports of the High Court of Australia, Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, Federal Court of bankruptcy (and) Supreme Court of Australian Capital Territory."

More recently (2004):

"... reports of judgments of the High Court of Australia, the federal Court of Australia, other federal Courts and Tribunals, State and territory Supreme Courts Exercising Federal Jurisdiction and Incorporating reports of judgments of the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory (Revised by Judges) and the Supreme Court of the Northern territory."

Adelaide Law Review

"Established in 1960," runs the promotional description offered by University of Adelaide Press, the publisher of the ALR:

"... the Adelaide Law Review (ALR) is one of the oldest and most prestigious law reviews in Australia. Throughout its fifty year history, the ALR has published the research of the foremost national and international legal scholars. Submissions to the ALR receive independent, anonymous peer review prior to acceptance....

"The ALR is published twice a year and is managed by an Editorial Board comprising the Editors in Chief and the Book Review Editor who are faculty members of the Adelaide Law School and student editors selected on the basis of academic excellence in the Adelaide Law School."

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