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AJICL - Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law

Also, and historically cited as Ariz. J. Int'l Comp. L. but the publisher now prefers the modern form of AJICL.

The website is hwww.ajicl.org which houses a limited set of archives.

The statement of scope, circa 2011, as then displayed on the website:

"The Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law is an internationally distributed semi-annual publication dedicated to quality legal scholarship. AJICL publishes articles on a wide variety of international and comparative law topics with the goal of providing a forum for debate on current issues affecting international legal development. In addition to two annual issues, AJICL is also committed to publishing symposia that highlight international legal developments and emerging areas of international law....

"The Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law is a student-edited journal. The purpose of (AJICL) shall be to publish a journal, which presents scholarly articles concerning international and comparative law issues, including tribal/indigenous peoples law. The organization will strive to fulfill three major goals: the Journal will provide an opportunity for all members to publish articles on international and comparative law topics; the Journal, where possible, shall serve the publication needs of the Arizona Bar Association with respect to international law; (and) the Journal will attempt to provide practitioners, judges, and governmental bodies with a central source of information on international topics that increasingly arise in practice and fall within the emphasis of this publication."

In an editorial which accompanied the first issue, these words were printed, just before the faculty adviser referred to the proximity of Mexico as a primary raison d'etre of an international law journal which is nominally, based in Arizona:

"Why a new journal? Aren't there enough international and comparative law journals already?"


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