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A. & E. - Adolphus & Ellis' Queen's Bench Reports (England). Also Admiralty and Ecclesiastic Cases (England)

  • Dates covered: 1834-1840

• Adolphus & Ellis' Queen's Bench Reports - English Reports

Also Ad. & E.

Court of King's Bench cases from 1834 to 1840 as collected by barristers John Leycester Adolphus and Thomas Flower Ellis.

Continued from Barnewall & Adolphus - B. & Ad. - which covered the Court from 1830 to 1834.

For biographical information on John Leycester Adolphus, see B. & Ad. and also The Circuiteers in Poetic Justice: Law Poems.

Forming part of the English Reports, at volume 110 to 113.

• Admiralty and Ecclesiastic Cases - Law Reports

Forming a small, three-volume set within the Law Reports (England & Wales) collection. Thus, also known as L.R.A.& E. or even Adm.& Ecc.

Statement of scope (1867):

"High Court of Admiralty and Ecclesiastical Courts."

Volume I reported on cases  from 1865 to 1867. The series ran to Volume III, published in 1872 and covering 1869-1872.



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